Fury by Merrie Destefano

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by Merrie Destefano

series Crescent Moon Bay #1


To survive, she made a secret deal in the Underworld…

Riley discovers her true Selkie/human heritage at a young age, when a dreadful sea monster tries to kill her. She manages to escape, but her early years are spent bouncing around from one Selkie home to the next, where she’s treated like a slave. The small amount of royal blood that flows through her veins is not enough to get her a seat in the Selkie High Court, but it’s enough to make her feared and loathed.

At fifteen, she runs away to the far country of Scotland and the Shiant Islands, where she pleads for sanctuary among the blue-skinned Na Fir Ghorm, a dangerous race of mermaid-like sea creatures. Their King—Poseidon—agrees to let her in if she’ll make a pledge to him. She has no choice but to accept his terms, not knowing that Poseidon plans to use her for a dark, secret plan.

About this book
         Pages:  65                   Time: 0-1 Hours                  Words:  17K 

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