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Does uploading my book cost anything?

No, uploading your book is free. However, it will take our backend team 24-48 hours to review your book before finally uploading it on zantuki.

What is the commission that Zantuki charges?

Zantuki charges 22% commission (including funds processing fees) of the listed book price.

What is Premier Posting?

Premier Posting gives your book prominent visibility on the Zantuki homepage; thereby increasing the sales potential. It costs only $1/day. You can select the number of days you wish to have your books in Premier Posting.

What is ZBIN Number?

Zantuki Book Identification Number (ZBIN) is a unique code to enable and encourage authors for faster publication. ZBIN is provided by Zantuki after a thorough check of the draft of the book. Once ZBIN is allotted to the book, the author can upload their book on Zantuki.

How do I release funds?

All you have to do is Sign In, log into My account, select Total Earning and click on Release from My wallet. You can release the entire amount available in your wallet subject to availability of a minimum USD 50.

How do you process International Payments?

You need a paypal account for international transactions. Funds will be released to your paypal account.

How long does it take for me to receive Funds?

It will take a minimum 7-8 working days for you to receive the funds from the date you have asked for the release.